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The Canadian submarine service has overcome repeated attempts to sink it since 1914. Surprise, controversy, political expediency, and naval man-ipulation overflow its ninety-five year history. Heroes, eccentrics and ordinary people populate this extraordinary story, epitomizing the true essence of the service. 

Through a Canadian Periscope offers a colourful and thoroughly researched account of Canada's silent service from its unexpected inauguration in British Columbia on the first day of the Great War to the present day.

Dundurn 1995 and 2014

Second edition 2014 

Print: and

Digital: Kindle here (best read on tablets)

Deeply Canadian: New Submarines for a New Millennium is a book for everyone who is interested in naval history. It begins where the success-ful Through a Canadian Periscope ended and tells the story of how Canada nearly lost her submarine service in the 1990s after decades of dedicated duty.        

An enjoyable read, Deeply Canadian explains why Canada selected used conventional submarines for the 21st century and follows the bedeviled Victoria class acquisition program against the backdrop of our submarine heritage and naval-political history. 

Beacon Publishing 2000 and 2014

Print: 1st edition – out of print

Digital: 2nd edition, Kindle here

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This website is proud to celebrate the centenary of Canada's Silent Service from 1914 to 2014 with some of its stories. Our heritage is not just about the boats, but also the crews who served, and still do, with amazing commitment.
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The RCN's submarine badge. Personnel earn their "Dolphins" when they pass basic s/m training