Re-released and updated to celebrate the centenary of the Canadian Submarine Service

When I began to research and write Through a Canadian Periscope in 1984 I never dreamed it would take eleven years from concept to launch. Nor did I expect to Dundurn to re-release the book thirty years later. I have relished the ease that technology has brought to the work involved with this second edition and its promotion. Rear Admiral Daniel McNeil, RCN (Ret), former Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic, has kindly written the foreword to the new edition in his capacity as the Project Coordinator of Project Ojibwa at the Elgin Military Museum in Port Burwell, ON. I invite you to enjoy the new website with many new images and stories about the Canadian Submarine Service. And I welcome you back to the book again, which has updated new chapters, an epilogue, and restored photos.


... A masterful and detailed history ...



Canadian submarines; cover of Through a Canadian Periscope, 2nd ed. by Julie H. Ferguson

Through a Canadian Periscope:

The Story of the Canadian

Submarine Service

by Julie H. Ferguson

Through a Canadian Periscope's second edition cele-brates the story of the Canadian submarine service on the occasion of its proud centenary.

The submarine force has overcome repeated attempts to sink it since 1914. Surprise, controversy, political expediency, and naval mani-pulation overflow its one hundred year history. Heroes, eccentrics and ordinary people populate this extraordinary story, epitomizing the true essence of the service.


​Fully updated and with new and restored images, Through a Canadian Periscope offers a colourful and thoroughly researched account from the service's unexpected inauguration in British Columbia on the first day of the Great War, through its uncertain future in the 1990s, to the present day. 

After describing the activities of the submarine service during and after World War I, the book details the careers of the Canadians who served with distinction in British submarines in all theatres of World War II, as well as the British submarines lent to the RCN to train their crews and escort groups. The story examines the modern era: from renting the RN's Sixth Squadron in Halifax in return for 200 Canadians to the true rebirth of the service in the 1960s, including the Oberons. Periscope also provides little-known information about the controversial Conservative initiative for nuclear-powered boats in 1987 and ends with the acquisition and operations of the Victoria-class submarines in the new millennium.


Above all, this vivid account celebrates the individuals who dedicated themselves to the Canadian Submarine Service and in some instances lost their lives in submarines.


The centennial edition of Through a Canadian Periscope is available in a trade paperback and electronic versions. 

​...a major contribution to our naval history. 
Maritime Affairs
A masterful and detailed history
Robert MacKay, author of  Soldier of the Horse and Terror on the Alert (due Sep 2014)
Ferguson excels... 
USNI Proceedings


A wonderful story, very well told. 
Professor Emeritus, A. Watson, University of Toronto


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Second edition

420 pages, 123 illustrations, 3 maps, 3 tables.

New foreword by RAdm Daniel McNeil, RCN, CMM, CD2 (Ret).
Appendices, endnotes, bibliography, index.
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