L: CC2 off Esquimalt; R: Corner Brook off Baffin

Canadian Submarine Centenary 2014




The Canadian Submarine Force celebrates the 100th anniversary of its creation in 2014


On August 4, 1914, when World War One was declared, the Province of British Columbia contrived to buy two submarines from Seattle to defend Canada's Pacific coast from a German cruiser squadron heading north. CC1 and CC2, as they were later named, sailed into Canadian waters before dawn on August 5. This was the birth of the Canadian submarine service that would also see Canadians serving in Royal Navy boats in WWI and in all theatres in WWII with the RN. Our modern force began in the early 1960s and today HMCS Victoria, Windsor, Corner Brook, and Chicoutimi continue the story in all three of our oceans.


Celebrations to mark the centenary will take place at Halifax, Esquimalt, and in Ottawa. West Coast Submarine Week is the BIG one organized by the Submariners' Association of Canada. It will be a proud day for all and especially for our submariners, past and present. 


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"THE" cake at the centennial banquet. © Photos by Pharos 2014